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Swedish Massage

swedish massage
swedish massage
swedish massage

Q. What is a Swedish Massage?



A. Swedish massage is an holistic approach to relaxation of the mind and body.


It has proven effect in the treatment of muscle aches and pains and the benefits are many:



Reduces cellulite

•Relaxation: reducing stress and anxiety

•Eases muscle tension

•Improves circulation

•Eliminates toxins

•Boosts immune system

•Relieves tired and stiff joints

•Increases energy levels

•Aids sleep




Q. Who can enjoy Swedish Massage?


A. To check suitabilty (some medical conditions may not allow this treatment) a full consultation will be carried out prior to your first massage.



Q. What happens during a Swedish Massage?



A. You will be asked to undress (keeping pants on) and make yourself comfortable on the couch, placing a towel over yourself to keep you covered. In order to respect your modesty, only the part of your body being worked on at any time will be exposed to the massage therapist. A plant-based oil will then be applied to your skin in the area to be worked on.



Q. What does a Swedish Massage feel like?


A. Soothing and relaxing – it should never hurt.





Because Swedish Massage has a detoxifying effect on the body, it is important to drink plenty of water afterwards. It is also important to rest so that your body can heal from within.



The time taken for a body massage will depend on which part of the body is being worked on.