Weymouth Pilates Centre

& Sports Injury Clinic

Also known as 'Weymouth Pilates', 'Pilates Weymouth' and 'Pilates Centre Weymouth'


Directed by Jenny Glover

The White House, Chapel Lane, Upwey, Weymouth. DT3 5NA


Pilates For All



Professional boxing champions, tennis players, cricketers and olympians have recognised the benefits of Pilates.


Lijia Xu - 2012 Gold medallist sailing olympian, Paraolympian Steve Thomas and world champion windsurfer Lucy Horwood have all trained with me at the Pilates Centre in Weymouth. But you don't have to a professional athelete to benefit from Pilates. As you can see it can benefit all ages and abilities.


Pregnant women also benefit greatly from Pilates as it is a gentle low impact exercise for improving the condition of both the abdominals and the pelvic floor. Reducing the risk of urinary incontinence, lower back pain and joint pain.


How Can Pilates Benefit you in your sport ?


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