Pilates in Pregnancy

The main benefits of Pilates is that it targets the exact muscles that can cause problems both during and after pregnancy.

It is important when choosing to do a class either pre or post natal that you ensure that your instructor is experienced and trained in delivering such a program.

At Weymouth Pilates Centre Jenny is fully qualified and experienced to teach pre and post natal pilates, regularly updating her knowledge to give you best advice possible.

The benefits of doing Pilates pre and post natal include:

  • Stronger tummy muscles - Hormones make ligaments more pliable and therefore more prone to injury

  • Reduces back pain -  by exercising the muscles that stabilise your back and pelvis

  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles - prevents urninary incontinence

  • Provides relaxation and controlled breathing - makes labour more comfortable

Please phone for advice to see what classes are suitable

Pilates In Pregnancy